Rehabilitation and recovery support for people

affected by a brain injury

We help people recovering from a brain injury realise their potential for independence as an active and productive member in their community.

We do this through fun and engaging rehabilitation programmes.  Find out more about our development groups by clicking below.

OPTIONZ ceased its operations in Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga on 31 October 2018.

Enquiries from persons eligible for ACC support should be directed to their ACC case manager. 

Enquiries from persons eligible for  support from MOH should be directed to: 

Auckland:   Taikura Trust (09) 278 6314
Hamilton:    Disability Support Line (DSL) (07) 839 1441
Tauranga:   Support Net (07) 571 0093


We will help you live your life to the fullest.  We do this through life planning, mentoring, individual support, community and

cultural engagement and helping you move increasingly towards self management.

Optionz has made me feel more confident.
It has made me feel more able to do things.